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Nathan Mirizio Film

This is myFilmmaking Work.


Nathan Mirizio Film

This is myFilmmaking Work.

Narrative short films.


The six videos below comprise the second season of my "Super Shorts." Each piece is produced with the creativity and help of amazing people.

We hope you enjoy.  


P.S. I recommend using sound.   


Documentary films.

The stories in this section focus on amazing people. I’m humbled and honored by the brave souls who were kind enough to share their lives with us (and you).


Musical films.


Chris Catone | Patience, Love, Grace

"Patience, Love, Grace" is an original composition by Christopher Catone, a longtime collaborator and friend.

In this documentary, Chris and the recording’s pianist, Katie Palumbo, discuss art, creativity, and the benefits of collaboration.

These talented artists prove that no great work is born from isolation.


Nevada Color | Start

I had the chance to make a fun music video for the band, Nevada Color.

They needed a big piece to announce their newest album in over three years.

The project brought together an absolutely amazing group of people and I couldn’t be more proud of their work.


Older projects.

Gone but not forgotten. These little beauties live on in memory and binary for your viewing pleasure. I’m not sure they get better with age, but who knows?


See something you like?

Or maybe you have a great idea for a project, but can't do it alone. I love collaborating and would be happy to talk. Plus, I'm only a click away.